Posted by: Morten Nobel-Jørgensen | August 12, 2008

Top 10 Java links

Here is a list of my favorite webpages about Java. The list is unordered, since it covers quite incomparable things, such as games, forums and podcasts.

The Java Posse

javaposseThe Java Posse is my favourite Java podcast. It contains news, technology talk and discussions told in an amusing way by 4 extraordinary Java rockstars.

New postcasts are usually published once a week.

Editor’s Daily Blog

editorsdailyblogThis blog delivers the best daily Java update.

It contains news from Sun, the industry and relevant post from the Java forums hosted at

Javalobby (At DZone)

javalobbyJavalobby is another great Java community site with news and articles. Remember to sign up for their newsletter as well.

DZone also contains a list of awesome cheat-sheets.

Java unlimited

java_unlimitedHome of the famous J4K contest, where game developers show how much game you can squeeze into 4K.

You will find games such as Pipe Extreme, Metro4K, Goop, Miners4K and Doom Buggy 4K.



swinglabsA Sun sponsored Open Source umbrella of cool swing projects. The goal of the projects is to “make Swing applications easier to write, with improved performance and greater visual appeal”.


The Java Specialists’ Newsletter

javaspecialistsDr Heinz Max Kabutz famous newsletter contains over 160 newsletters, with topics such as deadlocks, performance, Swing and JDBC. Signup for free to receive the monthly newsletter.


The JPC Project

jpcYou probably know that Java runs on many different platforms, such as Windows, Linux and Mac, but did you know that many platforms also runs on Java. Run Linux or DOS with games like Price Of Persia and Lemmings in a Applet in your browser.

. is a catalogue of Open Source Java projects listed by topic. So if you are looking for a distributed cache or a HTML parser for your Java project, this site gives you a nice brief overview of available projects.



developerworksDeveloperWorks has some very well written articles about a lot of Java related topics. I like their real-time programming games in particular (such as CodeInvaders Challenge and CodeRally).

. (SDN)

sdnFinally, the one and only home of every Java Developer: The Sun Developer Network. A great source of Java related news and articles. Its also home of the Java tutorials and the bug database. Basically everything you need to know.


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