Posted by: Morten Nobel-Jørgensen | September 19, 2009

Book review: JavaFX Developing Rich Internet Applications


Book cover

I have reviewed “JavaFX – Developing Rich Internet Applications” by Jim Clarke, Jim Connors and Eric Bruno for DZone.

One Minute Bottom Line

This is a great book about JavaFX that covers everything from the simple “Hello world” application to professional looking rich Internet applications. The book is a part of “The Java Series” by Sun and the three authors share a lot of tips and tricks, that are unlikely to be found elsewhere. The book was written before JavaFX 1.2 was released, so here and there the language or the API has changed, but it doesn’t really affect an overall impression of the book. I will recommend this book to any Java developers that wants try the JavaFX platform.

Relevance: 4/5
Readability: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

Read the full review on DZone:


Published by: Addison-Wesley
ISBN-10: 013701287X
: 978-0137012879


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